David S. Price

Almost ten years enjoying life in the stunning Pacific NW via Portland, Oregon. Wide-eyed San Francisco transplant. A wife I love and a marriage crafted with intention. Two ebullient twin daughters training me as a father. In the decade of my thirties mining deep for character. And trusting this will be the right foundation for the decades to come.

“Thanks be to God we lived so long and did so much good.” - J. Joyce

What I Do and Have Done

I currently lead product, platform, and machine learning/vision at Ruly—a startup creating a new digital photo service in addition to creating digital economy jobs for women living in poverty.

Additionally, I am researching and experimenting with new thinking about companies and company formation. For me, this is a chance to distill my multi-disciplinary engineering, data science, startup (x4), product design, investing/finance, and even philosophy experience into a singular system-level endeavor:

  • can the process of creating companies be productized? Or, said differently, can we treat the process of building startups as a product in and of itself?
  • can we simulate and/or predict how markets will evolve and emerge in the future? And, if so, can we automatically generate new product ideas and market strategies?
  • can we improve the ‘hit rate’ of startups or find other ways to improve efficiency and economic benefits?
  • and, most importantly, can we shift the “output benefits” of companies more toward the people and communities touched by companies?

Lastly, I act as an advisor and volunteer for non-profits and startups focused on social impact and/or emergent business models.

In everything I do, my greatest joy comes from developing people and teams. Being with people during creative endeavors often provides an auspicious context for deep, lasting character formation.


Ruly: (Co-Founder, CTO) Ruly is a service that thoughtfully organizes and curates your constant stream of digital photos. We bring order and focus to your messy mountain of digital snapshots, automatically finding the best pictures and editing them beautifully. Additionally, Ruly is a social benefit corporation that creates digital economy jobs for women living in poverty.

My current tools of trade include R, Python, Gephi, Node/Javascript, and my sketchbook. I am adept at UI/UX design and data visualization. And I spend a lot of time with exploratory prototypes.


Ruly: [See Current]

Made in a Free World: Made In A Free World is an anti-slavery organization based in San Francisco, California. As a product advisor, I have been helping with FRDM®, a supply chain analytics tool that helps businesses look for and protect against forced labor worldwide.

ZeroTouch Digital (OMNIA): ZeroTouchDigital is launching a social platform for computing devices called OMNIA. OMNIA removes the pain of integration and allows software applications to talk and interoperate with one another via peer-to-peer infrastructure.

Past (selected)

WR Hambrecht + Co: As Partner and CTO, integrated predictive analytics with a technology platform for modern Investment Banking and Venture Capital.

Growth Science: built predictive analytics products and services to determine whether a business will survive or fail.

My area of expertise was business model design and quantitative analysis of competitive strategy. For example, I used applied disruption theory to author stochastic models that can accurately simulate competitive outcomes between companies.

Black Tonic: my second company founded. We bootstrapped, conceived, designed, built, tested, branded, marketed, launched, and revenue'd our own software product (for a change).

OYOAHA (rebranded Wolverine): my first company founded, design firm, software product and application development

Music Population Project: Brede Rorstad's brainchild, chamber music goes public, my first non-profit endeavor

kTheory Design: my first entrepreneurial endeavor




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