David S. Price
Product Leader | Company Builder | Coach & Advisor

Hello! My name is David.

I’m a coaching-style leader who is as passionate about people + team impact as product impact. As a product generalist, I have a 17+ year history building (mostly digital) products and services across industries from aerospace and medical device to finance and consumer products.

Some highlights:

  • Multiple Zero-to-One achievements across consumer and enterprise products and industries
  • Product strategy and competitive analysis experience; I have built tools used to advise on $100s of millions in investment decisions
  • International, multi-industry consulting experience engaging with C-suite and BU leadership

My passion for people and technology goes back to hacking a boot-disk and networking Doom in my high school computer lab. My reward was two hours of pure joy in the form of a 16-bit communal experience with my friends. That joy stuck with me. To this day, my vision for human potential is what guides my relentless discovery of technology solutions. It’s been with me in every company I started, client I consulted, startup I advised, and product I’ve designed and developed. And it’s why I care so much about the beautiful, messy human stakes embedded in the process.

Thoughts about Product Management

Through experience, I know products have many different lifecycle stages and, consequently, so does product management. Research clearly shows that data-driven design, strong CI/CD, and agile methodologies provide the best overall results. But any process must constantly adapt to meet the dynamic needs of both the team and the users — if you're not continually building trust through strong ethical principals and empathic curious listening, you and your product are likely outdated.

Helpful mantras I've learned along the way:

  1. you learn as you build
  2. fill in the gaps
  3. take personal risks on behalf of the team
  4. pay attention to what the data means, not what you want it to mean
  5. over-communicate (especially the vision)
  6. measure twice and then cut once
  7. have strong opinions along with a humble ego



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