David S. Price
Product & Company Builder | Coach & Advisor

Hello! My name is David.


Preston-Werner Ventures: (Developer in Residence) PWV funds innovations and initiatives that advance justice, dignity, and responsible living on our planet.

I support general activities and PWV Hypothesis projects with an eye towards technology ethics, team formation, and expansion of product benefits across stakeholders

human(Ethos): (Founder) A multi-disciplinary collective focused on the intersection of technology product impact, team formation, and virtue ethics. (A passion project admittedly in need of some TLC)


iPAR: [See Past]

ACRO.ai: The Association of Cloud Robot Operators, which facilitates agreements, best practices, standards, and other policy essential to realizing the potential of cloud-connected robots while optimizing the safety and quality of human life.

Past (selected)

iPAR: co-Founder, Head of Product, for a data analytics and reporting platform for impact investment fund managers, advisors, and asset owners.

FRDM: Product Advisor for FRDM, a supply chain analytics tool helping businesses look for and protect against forced labor worldwide.

ZeroTouchDigital (OMNIA): Product Advisor

Ruly: co-Founder leading product, platform, and machine learning/vision to build a new digital photo service, which created tech economy jobs for women living in poverty.

WR Hambrecht + Co: As Partner and CTO, integrated predictive analytics with a technology platform for modern Investment Banking and Venture Capital.

Growth Science: built predictive analytics products and services to determine whether a business will survive or fail. My area of expertise was business model design and quantitative analysis of competitive strategy.

Black Tonic: my second company founded. We bootstrapped, conceived, designed, built, tested, branded, marketed, launched, and revenue'd our own software product (for a change).

OYOAHA (rebranded Wolverine): my first company founded, design firm, software product and application development

Music Population Project: Brede Rorstad's brainchild, chamber music goes public, my first non-profit endeavor

kTheory Design: my first entrepreneurial endeavor





human(Ethos) (passion project)

[email protected]